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Ghana's biggest Online Marketplace!,Where you can buy high quality products at extremely low prices and also sell any legal and sell-able item as fast as possible, yes! within 24 hours.


Day-in-day-out thousands of new ads are posted, with time, ads that have been posted for days are not easily found. This paid feature allows adds to remain on the top of the advertising despite its time of posting.

Ads categories

For easier and faster navigation and search purposes, ads on Yateso classifieds are grouped into various categories depending on their characteristics, feautres and uses.

About Us

About Us

We are an online marketplace that is commited to bridging the gab between sellers and buyers. We do so by providing a platform for sellers to showcase, advertise and sell within the shortest possible time. On the other hand, we provide buyers with a wide range of low priced products and services for free.

Sell Safely

Sell Safely

Yateso is commited to supporting sellers sell in their comfort zones, no middlemen, no extra cost, just you and the buyer!

Buy Safely

Buy Safely

Avoid the hustle of moving from shop to shop and getting youtr items snatched in town. Set home, relax and burgain from your comfort zone and buy safely from on yateso classifieds

Ads Locations

Yateso allows you to add an ads location, specifically where prospective buyers can get to meet and trade the said item. Sellers are privileged to add accurate and multiple locations as they desire.

Find a plan that,s right for you

Advertising on Yateso is a paid feature that gives shops, companies, organisations, institutions e.t.c the opportunity to showcase their product or service by way of banners, short videos or pictures.

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